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Thursday, 9 February 2012

MPF® VMC-MD2 USB ONLY Preview and Price

MPF® VMC-MD2 USB ONLY connection cable lead wire cord for SONY Cybershot DSC-H20, DSC-HX1, DSC-HX5, DSC-HX5V, DSC-HX20, DSC-HX55, DSC-H55, DSC-T500, DSC-T900, DSC-TX7, DSC-W210, DSC-W215, DSC-W220, DSC-W230, DSC-W270, DSC-W275, DSC-W290 Digital Cameras | Latest price

Technical Details

  • This is an alternative to the Sony Original Cable, this cable provides USB ONLY access so you can connect your Sony camera to your PC or Mac
  • This a MPF® alternative cable to the Sony original cable
  • Twisted-Pair construction to ensure high-speed (up to 480 Mbits/sec) and error-free date transfer
  • 10 year warranty
  • MPF® is a Registered Trade Mark

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